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Diamond and carbide drill bits from Russian supplier, high quality tools made from the best materials.

Diamond burs are produced with three standard parts — the shank, neck and head. Dimensions of every drill bit are written in their descritpion to suits your needs.

Types of grit:
The shank of each bur is marked according to the International Standards Organization (ISO) coding system:

  • Red color ring for fine;
  • Neutral or blue for medium/standard;
  • Green color ring for coarse.

Kinds of carbide drill bits:
Cutter types range from extra fine cutters, fine cutters to medium cutters, coarse cutters and super coarse cutters. They can also identified as plane, cross or spiral cutters by the blade configuration. The main shapes of e-file bits:

  • cylinder;
  • cone;
  • ball;
  • bud.