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Victoria Vynn MOUSSE SCULPTURE GEL - Thixotropic gel

A three-phase thixotropic gelwith a mousse consistency, intended for:

  • nail extension and building with filing
  • nail extension and building using the one drop, no file technique
  • construction of avant-garde shapes
  • strengthening the natural nail plate
  • quick correction, 4 fingers at the same time
  • suitable for pinching


The thick consistency of the mousse has the unusual property of changing the viscosity under the influence of supplied energy. When applied on the nail, its structure slightly thins. This process is called THIXOTROPY, or "liquid memory". As a result, the gel is easy and even to apply, can be formed and gentlyslef-levels. Despite the change in consistency, it does not run off the nail and does not flood the cuticles.

MOUSSE SCULPTURE GEL is a product that works perfectly with the brush, it just needs to be gently pushed in the right direction while working. After curing in a UV or LED lamp, it becomes ultra-strong, hard and resistant to damage, but remains easy to work with. It guarantees manicure durability.

  • Does not flood the cuticles.
  • Does not let air enter
  • Does not yellow

The innovative formula of MOUSSE SCULPTURE GEL with "fluid memory" was developed for quickand comfortable work. It is perfect for both beginners and advanced nail techs.

It is recommended to remove the protective foil from the jar 24h before use in order to obtain the optimal consistency. Do not mix the mass in the jar. The color may slightly change after filing.