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Kiss Collection Pure Creamy Hybrids by Victoria Vynn

Don’t talk, just kiss! Kiss Collection Pure Creamy Hybrid - line of Hybrid Polishes by Victoria Vynn

 Do you love make-up, and with the amount of lipsticks and lip glosses in your make-up case you can compete with the best make-up artists? We have great news for you. Now the colors you love to wear on your lips can also be worn on your nails. All thanks to our new crazy Kiss Collection from the Pure Creamy Hybrid series. Eight fantastic choices in eternally fashionable shades of pink, purple and deep red will help you create a fascinating total color look, which will dazzle those around you.

The perfect set for everyday use can be created with shades of powder pink and calm heather: Summer in Mind, Babe Alert, Everyday Lunch, Bedtime Flirt. Make-up and manicure maintained in these colors will work both at the office and at important business meetings. To perfectly complete the date or party look, reach for the saturated and strong variations of the pink and burgundy colors: Important Meeting, Girls Night Out, Job Interview, First Date. And of course have fun!

Kiss Collection Pure Creamy Hybrid

Kiss Collection Pure Creamy Hybrid is a collection of hybrid polishes with a creamy, extremely easy to apply consistency. A modern, long-lasting formula with an increased safety index makes achieving a perfect manicure extremely easy.

  • Pure Creamy Hybrid Nr 154 Summer In Mind Delicate combination of berry ice cream with milk chocolate is an extremely appetizing duo that looks beautiful on the nails.
  • Pure Creamy Hybrid Nr 155 Babe Alert Sweet and delicate. This is Babe Alert, a lovely shade of a dirty pink, perfect for romantics.
  • Pure Creamy Hybrid Nr 156 Everyday Lunch The optimistic and sunny shade of a juicy peach will bring a smile to your face every time.
  • Pure Creamy Hybrid Nr 157 Bedtime Flirt A promise of an evening feast for the senses in the color of faded pink.
  • Pure Creamy Hybrid Nr 158 Important Meeting A noble, deep shade of burgundy is a class in itself. A royal color reserved for important occasions.
  • Pure Creamy Hybrid Nr 159 Girls Night Out Roses and now! A saturated and energetic pink classic which will instantly put you in a bubbly mood.
  • Pure Creamy Hybrid Nr 160 Job Interview Discreet and elegant, a mix of pink and purple adds style and confidence.
  • Pure Creamy Hybrid Nr 161 First Date A seductive variation in a shade of deep, saturated pink says: look at me!


  • a modern formula with an increased safety index
  • three methods of removal: alcohol, acetone and milling machine
  • high durability - up to 4 weeks
  • cured in an LED lamp
  • flatbrush for precise application