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If you love quick and effective nail art decoration. your collection of nail art accessories should not be without Victoria Vynn foil. Each nail art design nobly enriched with metallic detail becomes unique and gains an artistic touch. Irregular embellishments, precise ornaments r entire surface of the nail plate covered with foil are just a few ideas for using this decorative motif. Create your own dazzling designs.


Can be impressed partially or over the entire nail. Apply the foil with the matt side to the dispersion layer of hybrid, gel or gel-acrylic design. Important! Don't touch the matt side of the transfer foil with your hands when working with it.


These are bits of foil to be applied on the dispersion layer of a hybrid, gel or gel-acrylic nail design to create a composition.

Designs with any type of foil should be fixed with a suitable Victoria Vynn top and free edge of the nail should be carefully secured. Cure in a lamp 60sec.