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Follow your feet!

Taking care of your feet at every stage of the salon treatment and continuing care at home.
PHARM FOOT was created in response to the needs of professionals who want to develop, who want to improve their competences and expand the portfolio of services with foot caretreatments.
PHARM FOOT was created with health, quality and effects in mind. These are cosmetics that take care of the skin, reach the source of problems to prevent them in the future.
PHARM FOOT wants to improve the quality of life of people with foot problems, give them the opportunity to achieve more, feel better, be well-groomed and beautiful.
PHARM FOOT fits perfectly fills the free space on the professional market, between classic pedicures and advanced podiatry. PHARM FOOT is a pioneer in the category combining podiatry and beauty.
PHARM FOOT is a podiatry brand by VICTORIA VYNN.