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TOP SECRET - collection of hybrid tops

A collection of hybrid tops - TOP SECRET.

If you like classic, natural manicures, you're focused on simplicity and a business look, we have something for you - tje TOP SECRET top collection, which will be erfect for light colored manicures such as the french manicure, ombre or babyboomer, but not only... because the secret's in the tops.

Semi-transparent and self-levelling, thanks to their delicate opacity, they beautifully even out the shading of the colors used, eliminate all imperfections, and also perfectly secure the whole manicure.

The selected top color, used on any product in a similar shade, in the end emphasizes the base color.

TOP MILKY - a classic, timeless shade of milky white. It perfectly evens out tje shading in the babyboomer and camouflages manicure imperfections.

TOP PINK - a delicate and subtle shade of light pink, will be a perfect proposition for a universal, very feminine manicure.

TOP NUDE - a subtle and natural shade of beige is a classic that goes with everything. Mani-no-mani is great for any occasion.

Tops do not have a dispersion layer and do not require wiping after curing in a UV or LED lamp.


  • medium-thick consistency
  • without dispersion layer
  • semi-transparent, with slight coverage
  • they spread perfectly and do not flood the cuticles
  • they provide a perfect finish of hybrid, gel manicure, polygel manicure
  • they protect the surface of design