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To welcome the sumer, VICTORIA VYNN is expanding its product offer to include a unique product for toenails - HYBRID BASE FOR A COSMETIC PEDICURE. 

PEDIBASE is a light-ured product for durable nail design

  • evens the nail plate and gives it a natural color
  • the base is resistant to mechanical damage, protects the toenails against breaking and cracking
  • a PEDIBASE pedicure finished off with only a UV / LED top will give your toenails a natural effect of a healthy, well-groomed nail plate
  • it can be used as a base for the IQ Nail Polish classic nail polishes or for Pure and Gel Polish Colors
  • the consistency of the base allows for the application in thin layers as a base product, or for application in thicker layers to even out any imperfections of the nail plate
  • the product is available in two natural shades: milky white and light pink


  • apply a thin layer of the base to a previously prepared, degreased nail plate and cure in a LED lamp for 60 sec, or in a UV lamp 120 sec
  • if it is necessary to even out the natural nail plate, apply a larger amount of the base to correct anu unevenness
  • after curing, wipe the base with a cotton pad soaked in Cleaner Finish and then apply selected top coat and color
  • a new pedicure is recommended every 4 weeks. Removable wit a file or a nail drill