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dazzle pink Victoria Vynn gel polish 8ml Northern Ireland shop
Gel Polish Color Dazzle Pink 251 8ml Victoria Vynn swatches pink
Dazzle Pink No. 251 gel polish Victoria Vynn
Victoria Vynn

Gel Polish Color Dazzle Pink 251 8ml

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Victoria Vynn Gel Polish Color Dazzle Pink 251

Gel Polish Color are hybrid varnishes, for use in two types of styling: Easy Removal and SOAK OFF. One-colour palette, two types of styling. A wide selection of over 200 colors: classic enamels, pearls, glitters, pastels, neon lights, semi-transparent.

  • two thin layers ensure perfect coverage and color depth
  • medium-thick consistency
  • does not flow and does not flood the skins
  • a flat brush facilitates even application

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