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Gel Polish Mega Base Pink 8ml / 15ml
mega base pink Victoria Vynn gel polish
Gel Polish Mega Base Pink 8ml / 15ml
Victoria Vynn

Gel Polish Mega Base Pink 8ml / 15ml

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Multifunctional ultra-elastic gel polish manicure. Can be used with Gel Polish and PURE systems. Perfect for the French manicure and natural look designs.
  • hardened and strengthened nail plate

  • extension of natural nail plates, even up to 7 mm

  • full control during application: does not drip or run into cuticles

  • creating the perfect C Curve, thanks to the thick consistency

  • ultra-elastic manicure, resistant to physical damage

  • does not yellow

  • curing time: LED 48W lamp – 30 seconds LED 24W lamp – 60 seconds, UV 36W lamp – 120 seconds

  • 5 colors – clear, beige, pink, cold pink, cover pink

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