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Victoria Vynn Master Gel (Polygel) Cover Rose 08 60g
Master Gel Cover Rose 08 60g
Master Gel Cover Rose 08 60g
Victoria Vynn

Master Gel Cover Rose 08 60g

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Victoria Vynn Master Gel (Polygel) Cover Rose 08 60g
Opaque nude color in a shade of dirty pink. Designed for the skeleton and for the application of the builder layer. Perfect for designs in a natural shade and to make a construction french. It beautifully enhances the colors of hybrid polishes.
2 in 1 a combination of the benefits of acrylic and gel
  • a very durable and flexible nail styling system
  • extremely stable consistency – without self-leveling properties
  • the possibility to apply on 4 nails simultaneously
  • poisibility of pressing the mass and forming a tunnel
  • easy to work with using a nail file – recommended 180/240 grit
  • the ingredients used in the gel aren’t sticky like traditional builder gels
  • during filing, the created dust doesn’t rise
  • minimized risk of discomfort during curing in a UV/LED lamp
  • removed mechanically with the use of a nail milling machine or nail file
  • the curing time depends on the thickness of the layer and the power of the lamp: LED –30-60 seconds, UV – 120 seconds
  • Master Gel efficacy – 1 tube is enough to do 30 – 50 designs (10 nails), depends on application type

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