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Pure Creamy Hybrid 194 Sweet Dahlia 8ml
Pure Creamy Hybrid 194 Sweet Dahlia 8ml
Blossom Chic Victoria Vynn
Victoria Vynn

Pure Creamy Hybrid 194 Sweet Dahlia 8ml

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PURE CREAMY HYBRID is a collection of creamy, hybrid nail polishes full of advantages. It consists of 160 of the most beautiful colors, and the line is complemented by a Base and Top coat for a hybrid manicure.

  • Odorless, creamy formula
  • Provides unlimited possibilities of combining colors
  • Perfectly covering and semi-transparent colors
  • Super durable
  • A flat brush - designed especially for the Pure formula - applies the polish evenly
  • Colors cured in an LED lamp 30-60 sec
  • Can be easily removed with cosmetic alcohol, acetone or a nail drill
  • An increased safety index

The inspiration to create the BLOSSOM CHIC collection of hybrid varnishes with flecks was the beauty of botanical gardens that bloom in the spring:

  • 190 Cherry Blossom - semi-transparent, pale pink in a cool shade
  • 191 Rose Petal - semi-transparent, light pink
  • 192 Soft Rose - neutral pink
  • 193 Fresh Peony - semi-transparent, strong, cool pink
  • 194 Sweet Dahlia - cool pink in a purple tone
  • 195 Calla Lily - intense pink
  • 196 Royal Orchid –dark dirty pink
  • 197 Cold Heather – a light, lavender shade of purple

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